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I have always been interested in art, movement, sound, perception and the mysteries of the body.

While studying to become a filmmaker, specialising in experimental and documentary film, I followed a course of sessions with a practitioner of the Grinberg Method of bodywork. The experiences I had during the sessions were intense and I learned practical lessons for moving through life with more confidence, curiosity and satisfaction. I was fascinated to see how the body is able to work when the mind is silent. I felt stronger, and found I could create and express myself in a more spontaneous way.

I began  to study the Grinberg Method out of curiosity, which turned into a passion and a very interesting profession. I have been working with clients since 2011 and received my diploma in 2014. I like the challenge of teaching people to get closer to their own potential and qualities, adapting strategies individually. It’s fullfilling to be part of a learning process, in which clients learn to use the intelligence of the body to feel better.