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We are proud to announce that we obtained a license to become a licensed cocoa purchaser from the Ghanaian Cocoa Board (Cocobod) in Ghana, the world’s second-largest cocoa producing country. By directly sourcing beans we will be better able to implement the Cargill Cocoa Promise, with all of its benefits to farmers and customers. 

Becoming a licensed buying company (LBC) allows Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate to start sourcing cocoa beans directly from certified farmers in Ghana rather than through intermediaries. The move increases our presence in the country and reflects our commitment to growing the business there.

65,000 MT capacity plant

We have successfully operated a cocoa processing plant in Ghana since 2008, with a current capacity of 65,000 MT. Developing our sourcing capabilities in Ghana is an essential step to meeting growing customer demand for sustainable, certified cocoa and further broadening our cocoa offer.

Sourcing directly from farmers puts us in a better position to oversee the roll-out of our Cargill Cocoa Promise program. We intend to use our expertise gleaned in sourcing cocoa directly in other origin countries and expand our existing sustainability activities. This will enable farming communities to benefit from training, community activities and farm development support.

Benefits for farmers and customers

As an LBC we can uphold our own high standards of safety and ethics. For farmers this means a more trustworthy process and ultimately a better price for their beans. For customers it means a more efficient and effective sustainable supply chain. The team is working hard to be operational by October 2016, in time for the new cocoa crop.